What Is Denture Stabilization?

Denture Stabilization Benefits Vegas Dental Experts

About 15% of the American population who don’t have teeth wear some type of denture. However, traditional dentures are not always the right choice because they can shift. Denture stabilization procedures can be the solution if you want a better fit and don’t want to worry about adhesives. 

What Is Denture Stabilization?

Denture Stabilization Benefits  Vegas Dental Experts Many people struggle with dentures that move around as they speak or eat, and that is what denture stabilization can help resolve. A denture stabilization procedure uses implants to hold the device in place. 

Dental implants are titanium posts that function like natural teeth. There are standard implants and mini implants used for denture stabilization. Mini implants are less invasive and much quicker to install, with most people only needing one or two quick visits to the dental office.  

There are two main types of denture stabilization methods:

  • Ball-retained 
  • Bar-retained                                                      

Ball-retained dentures use implants with ball-shaped metal attachments on them that clip right onto the attachments shaped like sockets on the dentures.

Bar-retained dentures use two to five dental implants and a bar attached to all of them. The denture clips onto that bar, remaining fixed in place. 

These kinds of dentures can be permanent or removable. Removable ones need to be cared for like other dentures, including using special cleaning solutions every night.   

Benefits of Denture Stabilization

Standard dentures rely on your gums to keep them in place, but many traditional dentures do not offer a perfect fit. This can cause the device to rub against your gums, leading to sores and discomfort. With denture stabilization procedures, you don’t have to worry about the dentures moving and rubbing your gums. 

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It is easier to eat the foods you love when you know your dentures will not move. You also don’t have to worry about speech issues that shifting dentures can cause. 

Denture stabilization also allows you to prevent further jawbone loss. Since the dental implants used for the procedure function as your natural teeth do, they provide the stimulation your jawbone needs to keep producing bone cells. With regular dentures, you do not get that benefit.

With denture stabilization, you also don’t have to deal with messy adhesives. It can save you time and hassle each morning while also saving you money. 

Denture stabilization also allows you to use the force of your jaws in each bite, letting you eat the foods you love. 

By adding implants to your dentures, you can also protect them. Dentures can break if you bite down too hard, but denture stabilization can increase the bite force they can handle. 

If you choose non-removable (permanent) dentures, they can have an even longer lifetime because you don’t have to remove them each night and can treat them like you would your natural teeth. 

Choose Better Dentures

You don’t have to live with uncomfortable dentures that shift when you talk or eat. By deciding on denture stabilization procedures, you can get all of the benefits of dentures without any of their drawbacks. 

Learn more about the denture stabilization procedures that Dr. Harvey Chin offers at Vegas Dental Experts by scheduling a free consultation today.


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