Mini Implant Cost: Factors to Consider

Mini Implant Cost is More Affordable Than You Think! Call Today!

Mini implants are an excellent option if you want to replace missing teeth. In fact, 3 million people in the United States have at least one dental implant. They have many benefits that make them more popular than standard dental implants. But what are they, and what are the mini implant cost factors you need to keep in mind?

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants are titanium posts similar to standard dental implants in function but with a substantial size difference. In addition, there is no need for an abutment to hold the false tooth in place with a mini implant. 

Because they are much smaller than standard implants, mini implant installation is a much less invasive procedure than other options. With a diameter of only 3 millimeters, mini dental implants do not require us to drill a large hole into your jawbone to fix them in place.

You can turn to mini dental implants to replace one tooth or multiple teeth, and you can use them to secure an implant-retained denture, permanent denture, or implant-supported bridge. 

What Benefits Do They Offer?

Mini dental implants are quicker to place. They do not require incisions; instead, they fit into your gums. Not only does this make the process easier, but it also means that you don’t have to worry about a longer healing time. 

The lower mini implant cost is another benefit. They are more affordable because of their size and the procedure’s relative simplicity. If you have a limited budget or need many replacement teeth, they can be a better choice than standard implants. 

Mini dental implants also do not require as much jawbone density as standard implants. If you have been missing teeth for years, your jawbone is bound to have lost some bone density because it has not had the stimulation it needs from your teeth’s roots. 

Standard dental implants require a substantial degree of bone density in your jaw to accommodate their size, but mini dental implants do not. And because of their size, you can have them placed in areas of your mouth that are too tight for standard implants. 

Like standard dental implants, mini dental implants are also durable and natural-looking. 

What to Expect from Mini Implant CostsMini Implant Cost is More Affordable Than You Think!  Call Today!

The average mini implant cost is about one-third to one-half as much as you would expect to pay for standard implants. 

Why does a mini implant cost less than a standard dental implant?

  • It is a simpler procedure
  • It uses a smaller titanium implant post
  • There is no bone grafting procedure required

Although these costs do not include any supplemental procedures that you may need before getting the implants, such as tooth extractions, the simpler procedure usually does not require many extra services. 

At your free consultation with us, we will give you a clear breakdown of the mini implant costs so you know what to expect. 

Contact Professionals for Affordable Mini Dental Implants

If you are considering mini dental implants, knowing how they work and what you should expect to pay is essential. When you turn to Dr. Harvey Chin at Vegas Dental Experts — with his 40 years of experience and dedication to less invasive procedures — you can get quality services at affordable rates. 

Give Vegas Dental Experts a call today to learn more about mini dental implants and other tooth replacement procedures.

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