Dental Bridges in Las Vegas

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that about 26% of Americans aged 65 or older have eight or fewer teeth. Tooth loss can affect your oral health and your quality of life, so it is crucial to find ways to replace missing teeth. One of the procedures that we offer at Vegas Dental Experts is dental bridges. Read more about what dental bridges are and why they can be an excellent option for missing teeth. 

What Is A Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge fills the gap caused by a missing tooth. Generally, these devices have crowns that are placed on either side of the missing tooth. The crowns support a bridge that holds a false tooth. Dental cement holds the bridge in place. 

If you have advanced tooth decay or gum disease, or if you suffered an injury that led to the loss of a tooth, you may be a good candidate for a dental bridge. 

There are different types of dental bridges, including:

  • Traditional
  • Maryland
  • Cantilever
  • Implant-supported 

A traditional dental bridge has a false tooth with crowns on either side of it, on the abutment teeth, that help keep the tooth stable. It is the most common option, especially when there are healthy teeth on either side of the missing tooth. 

Dental Bridges in Las Vegas Get A Same-Day Dental BridgeCantilever dental bridges are similar to traditional dental bridges. However, these bridges need only one healthy tooth next to the gap caused by a missing tooth. 

Maryland dental bridges are similar to traditional bridges because they use two teeth next to the gap to hold the false tooth in place. But instead of using dental crowns to support the bridge, they rely on a framework of either porcelain or metal that is bonded to the back of the abutment teeth. 

Implant-supported dental bridges use mini dental implants instead of crowns or frameworks to support the false tooth. We might place one implant for every missing tooth to hold the bridge in place. This is usually the strongest and most stable type of dental bridge. 

There are many reasons why you may need a dental bridge. A dental bridge can help you:

  • Restore your smile
  • Restore your ability to chew
  • Maintain the shape of your face
  • Readjust your bite
  • Restore your pronunciation and speech 
  • Prevent remaining teeth from shifting

The type of bridge that will work best for you will depend on the number of missing teeth, your goals, and your budget. At Vegas Dental Experts, we will help you find a treatment that offers the results you want and fits your budget. 

Benefits of Dental Bridges

If you lose teeth, your jawbone can begin losing density, too. Your jawbone receives stimulation from the roots of your teeth, so when it no longer has access to that stimulation, it can start to deteriorate. 

Certain types of dental bridges will hold a false tooth in place to stimulate the bone. Dental bridges can also help you maintain the shape of your face. 

Chewing can be more difficult if you have lost a tooth or several teeth. You may not be able to enjoy your favorite foods and might not want to deal with dentures, which also restrict what you can eat and drink. A dental bridge is an alternative that allows you to chew normally once again. 

Missing teeth can also affect your speech. To make certain consonants, the tongue presses against teeth. If you have missing teeth, speaking can be more complicated. By getting dental bridges, there are no gaps that affect your pronunciation, and you can start speaking normally again. 

If you have missing teeth, you may hesitate to smile or feel that your smile is not as beautiful as it could be. With dental bridges, you can get your smile back. 

Dental bridges can also last a long time. If you care for them correctly, they can remain in good condition for up to 15 years. Dentures, on the other hand, do not last nearly as long. 

Getting Dental Bridges

The first step toward getting a dental bridge is to contact us to schedule your free consultation. Dr. Harvey Chin will assess your dental issues during this consultation. He will ask about your oral health, your oral hygiene habits, the medications you take, and anything else that will help him determine whether dental bridges are the right option. 

Dental Bridges in Las Vegas Get A Same-Day Dental Bridge

During this consultation, you will also get to ask any questions you may have. This includes information on the many payment options we offer. 

If Dr. Chin does think dental bridges are the way to go, he will then prepare your teeth for the procedure. 

During your first appointment, Dr. Chin will prepare the abutment teeth. He will remove a small amount of enamel and dentin. Dentin is one of the tissues that make up your teeth. This procedure makes room for the crown or crowns that will hold the dental bridge in place. 

We will then take impressions or a digital scan of your teeth for the lab that will create the bridge, dental crowns, and false tooth. Dr. Chin will likely place a temporary bridge if you have exposed areas in your mouth. 

During your next appointment, we will remove the temporary bridge and place the permanent one, checking to ensure a comfortable fit. 

After you have a dental bridge in place, it is important to avoid hard and sticky foods for a few days. It can take about a week before your mouth returns to normal, but there is no real downtime to this procedure. Many people return right to work after getting their dental bridges. 

If you find that there is still any discomfort at all after about a week, which is rare, let us know so that we can make the necessary adjustments to the bridge. 

Maintenance of Dental Bridges

Taking the time to maintain your dental bridge is vital. Proper care can ensure that it lasts a long time. To help you with this, Dr. Chin will offer personalized advice after the procedure. He will always welcome any questions or concerns you have. 

To maintain good oral health, you will want to continue flossing every day and brushing your teeth at least twice a day. You might also consider adding a fluoride rinse to your routine to further reduce your risk of tooth decay. 

There are few food restrictions with dental bridges, but you should wait to eat sticky and hard foods until your mouth has completely healed from the procedure. If you have tooth sensitivities, make sure to also avoid very hot or very cold foods and drinks. You may also want to use a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth. 

Get Your Smile Back With A Dental Bridge 

If you have missing teeth, one treatment that will make a difference is a dental bridge. Dental bridges can allow you to enjoy your favorite foods once again and to smile without any misgivings about how your teeth look. 

At Vegas Dental Experts in Las Vegas, NV, Dr. Harvey Chin is ready to help you. He has over 40 years of experience, and he stays up to date on the latest techniques to offer results you can depend on. 

Begin the journey to regain your smile today. Contact us to schedule your free consultation