Traditional Denture Replacement: Finding a Better Option

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For the 36 million Americans who the American College of Prosthodontists states are missing all of their teeth, traditional dentures can allow near-normal eating and speaking. However, these dentures can get damaged, and they make eating some foods impossible. Now, there are denture replacement options you can turn to that offer long-lasting and natural-looking solutions to missing teeth.

Dental Implants

Denture Replacement Options | Las Vegas | Free Consultation One advanced method of replacing traditional dentures is dental implants. Dental implants attach to your jaw with thin posts. A crown that looks like a natural tooth is securely attached to the posts. 

A dental implant can replace one tooth, or multiple implants can support a full set of replacement teeth. They can be an excellent choice if you are missing teeth due to:

  • Trauma
  • Tooth loss
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease 

Dental implants not only allow you to eat and speak normally but also provide stimulation for your jawbone, preventing bone loss in a way that traditional dentures cannot. 

Mini dental implants are a variation of traditional dental implants. They are smaller and do not require as much drilling into your jawbone because they are placed along the gumline. They also do not require as much bone density as larger dental implants or as much space, allowing them to fit into the tightest of spots in your mouth.  

Mini dental implants can also be completed in one or two short visits.  

Implant-Retained Dentures

Another option for a traditional denture replacement is implant-retained dentures. One of the most frustrating problems that traditional dentures have is that they are not stable. You have to use adhesives to keep them in place, which can be messy and does not provide the security needed to eat foods like steak or corn on the cob. 

With implant-retained dentures, you do not have to worry about shifting because implants hold the dentures securely. The dentures snap over the implants, locking them into place. You can remove the dentures as needed for cleaning while knowing you can have the same level of security day after day. 

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge can also work as a denture replacement option. There are many types of dental bridges:

  • Traditional
  • Cantilever
  • Maryland
  • Implant-supported

A traditional bridge consists of two crowns on either side of the gap that the missing tooth or teeth create. These crowns hold the false teeth in place. A cantilever bridge is almost identical but requires only one crown. 

A Maryland bridge is similar to the traditional bridge, but it relies on a metal or porcelain framework instead of dental crowns to hold the false teeth in place. 

Implant-supported bridges use implants to hold the bridge in place and offer even more stability. This long-lasting option offers more support than traditional dentures. 

Get a Better Bite with a Denture Replacement Option

You don’t have to forgo your favorite foods, and you no longer have to worry about your traditional dentures slipping when you talk. 

By turning to denture replacement options like dental implants, implant-retained dentures, and dental bridges, you can get full use of your bite again. Call Vegas Dental Experts today to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Harvey Chin and the rest of our team. We have over 40 years of experience helping people restore their smiles, and we look forward to serving you next.

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