Instantly Replace Your Missing Teeth with Minimally Invasive Implants

Minimally Invasive Implants Mini Implants Vegas Dental Experts

If you’re thinking of having one or more of your teeth replaced, we understand you’d like the process to be as painless as possible. And you want to recover rapidly so you can get back to your routine. Until recently, people who needed dental implants had to endure a lengthy, uncomfortable procedure that took a long time to heal from. But Dr. Harvey Chin and his team at Vegas Dental Experts use a new, state-of-the-art procedure with minimally invasive implants.

Whether you need a single tooth replaced or all of them, you’ll be surprised by how fast, gentle, and painless this procedure really is: Just one 30- to 60-minute appointment is all it takes to have your smile back. Best of all, this state-of-the-art mini dental implant technology works just as well as conventional methods—enjoying a 95% success rate across thousands of procedures. 

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of these minimally invasive implants.

Minimally Invasive Implants Are Non-Surgical Procedures

Minimally Invasive Implants Mini Implants Vegas Dental ExpertsWhen learning about these implants, patients are excited to hear that no surgical flaps, sutures, or drill holes are needed. Just some local anesthesia and small titanium screws placed in the jaw bone. The procedure is quick, easy, and painless.

These minimally invasive implants are also much smaller than traditional implants. Traditional implants have two pieces, ranging from 3.25 to 5 mm. But mini dental implants have just a one-piece screw less than 3 mm in diameter. Since the screw is so narrow, the incision is small and heals fast.

Want to see exactly how mini implants work? Learn more here.

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With Minimally Invasive Implants, You Can Come Back Home the Same Day

Traditional dental implants are much longer, more involved procedures. If patients don’t have enough jaw bone to support the implant, the implant requires bone grafts, which means transplanting bone from somewhere else in your body into your gums. This can take a long time to heal. But this new form of mini dental implant doesn’t require bone grafts, since far less bone is needed to support the structure. Thus the procedure is swifter: You’re in and out—and can come back home the same day.

Minimally Invasive Dental Implants Mean a Speedier Recovery

Because these minimally invasive implants involve such a simple procedure, recovery is much more rapid than with conventional implants. Not only can you go home the same day, you’ll be fully recovered in just 24 to 48 hours. Conventional implants can take four to six months.

Why Choose Dr. Harvey Chin?

So many people with missing teeth feel self-conscious when around others—and are afraid to smile and be themselves. Dental implants can be a great choice to bring back your smile and make you feel like YOU again. Mini dental implants have all the benefits of conventional implants without the pain and lengthy recovery. With these minimal invasive implants, you’ll have your smile back faster than you thought possible.

Dr. Harvey Chin has been a dentist for over 30 years and specializes in minimally invasive techniques. It’s his joy to see his patients free to smile again and regain their confidence within a matter of days. Contact Vegas Dental Experts today to arrange your free consultation and see if mini dental implants are right for you.

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