Mini Dental Implants

With full dental implants, several office visits are required to place the implants and attach the crowns and abutments over the course of several months.

Missing Teeth or Loose Dentures?

Mini dental implants are essentially small diameter titanium screws that mimic the structure and function of a natural tooth root. They are often used to hold removable dentures in place, but can also be used to replace a single missing tooth. In most cases, they can be placed during the same appointment as a tooth extraction. As a leading provider of mini dental implants in Las Vegas, NV, Dr. Harvey Chin can help you decide on the right type of implant.

What are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants are small titanium screws that are implanted in the jaw bone. Over the course of a few months, the implants become fused with the jaw bone and cannot be removed without additional surgery. In many cases, a denture is attached to the implants for stability.

With full dental implants, several office visits are required to place the implants and attach the crowns and abutments over the course of several months. However, mini dental implants eliminate the need for a long recovery time and can be placed in a single visit. The smaller size also makes them easier to place and requires less healing time. As a result, they can be set in place during the same appointment as a tooth extraction. Dentures or single crowns can be attached to the implants on the same day as well.

How are Mini Dental Implants Placed?

The placement of mini dental implants is designed to be as quick and easy as possible. Dr. Chin will first administer a local anesthetic to reduce pain and discomfort. Then, an extremely precise surgical method is used to set the mini dental implants in their exact locations. In contrast to a full implant procedure, this is a simple one step treatment that requires no sutures or long healing periods.

Benefits of Mini Dental Implants:

Half The Size

Mini dental implants are about half the size of traditional implants, and therefore don’t require extensive, painful surgery.

Quicker Healing Time

A less invasive procedure that results in faster healing time, virtually no discomfort, and way less visits to the dental office.

Immediate Results

Without the lengthy healing time of traditional implants, mini dental implants allow you to get your new teeth same-day.

Half the Cost

In most cases, the mini dental implant procedure is less than half the cost of a traditional implant case.

No More Decay

Mini dental implants are made out of titanium and they are not subject to decay and periodontal disease.

Preserves Bone Structure

If you have missing teeth you may have lost a large portion of the bone in your jaw. Mini dental implants will halt bone loss.

Traditional Vs. Mini Dental Implants:

  Traditional Implants Next Generation Implants
Cost More Expensive Less Expensive
Treatment Time Several visits over 8-18 months (depending on need for bone augmentation procedures.) Treatment is often completed in just one visit.
Surgery Invasive surgery; more traumatic potential; requires incisions and stitches Much less invasive surgery; less traumatic potential; usually requires no incisions, and no stitches
Hole Diameter Big hole; relatively large screw needs a substantial hole in the jaw bone Smaller implant means smaller hole in the bone
Recovery Time Substantial recovery time Quick recovery time
Reliability and Durability Excellent Excellent
Bone Grafting Surgery Sometimes necessary Not necessary
Medications Surgery requires patients to stop using blood thinners Procedure does not require change in medications


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