Hybrid Dental Implants

Hybrid Dental Implants in Las Vegas

Hybrid Dental Implants by Dr. Chin Solve a wide range of dental problems – permanently, cost-effectively, and best of all, you’ll never be without teeth.

  • Utilizing Dr. Chin’s Minimally Invasive Dental Implant System
  • Traditional dental implants are placed, but not loaded to ensure a higher success rate for integration. Smaller diameter implants are placed and loaded to fix transitional teeth at time of surgery.
  • Goal is 1 surgery, instead of 2. If body rejects an implants, a second surgery will be necessary in 2- 3-4 months.
  • Teeth are permanently cemented, with no screws to loosen
  • Cosmetic enhancement immediately
  • No cutting off of front part of jaw, as no necessity for large milled bar for strength, so more natural feel of gums.
  • More minimally invasive, so more comfortable

Hybrid Dental Implants in Las VegasSolve a wide range of dental problems – permanently, cost-effectively, and best of all, you’ll never be without teeth. So if you’re trapped in an endless cycle of root canals, crowns, bridgework and are tired of treating the same teeth over and over again, solve your dental problems once and for all with Hybridge.

There are THREE types of mouths when it comes to our smile improvement program

You’re Missing Teeth On One Arch (Top OR Bottom Teeth) – You may be wearing dentures today but you can get rid of them tomorrow! Make your smile more cosmetically beautiful, secure your teeth without fearing them falling out while retaining a more natural feeling.

You’re Missing Teeth On Two Arches (BOTH Top and Bottom Teeth) – You have no remaining natural teeth for both your top and bottom teeth; you will benefit most from a more cosmetically beautiful smile, keep a more natural and less bulky feeling mouth, and most importantly, you’ll retain a level of security knowing that your teeth WONT fall out.

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You have all or MOST of your teeth – You have retained most of your teeth but your teeth and gums are unhealthy. You may need dentures but you wish to have something higher in quality and have a better overall experience when eating, talking and smiling. You wish to improve your smile cosmetically while improving your overall quality of life.

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