The Problems Loose Dentures Can Cause

Loose Dentures Are a Thing of the Past With Stabilized Dentures

About 15% of people without teeth in the United States wear dentures. But until recently, the only type of dentures available were the standard ones that require adhesives to stay on your gums. However, these traditional dentures have many drawbacks, including the tendency to become loose throughout the day. 

Loose dentures can cause problems that lower your quality of life. Read about what causes loose dentures and what options are available to resolve the problem. 

What Causes Loose Dentures?

Loose Dentures Are a Thing of the Past With Stabilized DenturesOne of the most common reasons you may end up with loose dentures is bone reabsorption. Because your jawbone no longer receives stimulation from your missing teeth, you begin experiencing bone loss. Your gums begin to recede, and they can no longer hold the dentures in place. 

Wear and tear can also cause loose dentures. Even if you take good care of the dentures, they can still warp or even crack. 

Sleeping with your dentures in can cause them to get looser because you are putting a lot of constant pressure on them.

Problems They Can Cause

Loose dentures can cause pain. They can start rubbing against your gums or pinch your skin when you try to eat, causing sores and other issues. Sores can quickly lead to oral infections. 

Loose dentures can also make eating more difficult. It can already be challenging to eat with traditional dentures, but if they don’t fit your mouth, they can significantly reduce the amount of bite force you have. 

If you have dentures that don’t properly fit, speaking can also be difficult because they can shift around as you talk.  

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A Loose denture can also lead to bone reabsorption. They can press unevenly in certain areas of your mouth, leading the bone there to begin shrinking back. This leads to further denture looseness.  

Solutions to Loose Dentures

Dentures with dental implants can be an important option when searching for how to stabilize your dentures.

Dental implants are titanium posts that go into your jawbone or gums, and dentures then attach to them. These are implant-retained dentures and can allow you to eat and speak normally. 

They can also help prevent further jawbone loss because dental implants function like the roots of your teeth and provide the stimulation your jawbone needs. 

You can also choose permanent dentures. Implants hold these dentures in place, but unlike implant-retained options, only your dentist can remove these. They can be a good choice for people who:

  • Want permanent teeth
  • Have enough bone density for implants
  • Have good oral hygiene

For these dentures, you will need an average of five dental implants. They can offer a more natural appearance than traditional dentures and can last longer because you don’t have to remove them every night. 

Get Stable Dentures

Dealing with loose dentures can make every meal a challenge and every conversation feel impossible. By turning to options that include dental implants, like implant-retained dentures and permanent dentures, you have the chance to improve how you look and feel. 

Contact Dr. Harvey Chin and the team at Vegas Dental Experts to learn what options you have if you have loose dentures. You can expect a state-of-the-art facility, a team with over 40 years of experience, and minimally invasive procedures to protect or restore your smile.

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