How To Choose The Best Cosmetic Dentist in Las Vegas

How To Choose The Best Cosmetic Dentist in Las Vegas

Do you find yourself lacking the confidence in your smile that you once had? Are you scared to smile in pictures or even do the things you love because of this? We are all human, and it is understandable to feel this way, but you are in no way alone. Studies have found that nearly 50 percent of the population are missing at least one tooth. Luckily, Dr. Harvey Chin and the five-star team at Vegas Dental Experts offer several cosmetic dentistry treatments that will have you more confident in your smile than ever in just a few simple visits. Find out why many of his patients consider him the best cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas.

The Best Cosmetic Dentist for Replacing Missing Teeth

How To Choose The Best Cosmetic Dentist in Las VegasTraditional dental implants are a strong way to do so for those looking to replace their missing teeth and restore their love for their smile. However, this process can be time-consuming, and patients may often need to wait months and go through several visits before the cosmetic procedure is complete.

Mini dental implants are a quicker, easier way to replace missing teeth and have you feeling like your old self again in no time. Dr. Harvey Chin and his team utilize this state-of-the-art procedure that is less invasive and strives to make you as comfortable as possible during the procedure.

To many, going to the dentist can be an anxiety-filled task, and we aim to alleviate this as much as possible while granting you the smile you’ve always wanted.

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What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants are a newer, same-day procedure that can have you leaving the dentist with a new smile. Unlike traditional implants that take multiple visits to complete, mini dental implants are a simple procedure that can be completed in one to two hours.

These implants are composed of a post made of titanium or zirconium and a crown and have the look and feel of your normal teeth. The post is first secured into the jawbone, which the crown is then connected on top of, completing the implant. For those seeking the top-notch cosmetic dentist they’ve been looking for, Dr. Harvey Chin has over 40 years of experience to ensure you leave with the teeth of your dreams.

The Best Cosmetic Dentist for a White, Shiny Smile

Perhaps you are seeking a cosmetic dentist because you enjoy your morning coffee but are put off by the stains this leaves on your teeth. Vegas Dental Experts offers top-of-the-line teeth whitening that will bring you the whitest, shiniest smile out there. Many over-the-counter teeth whitening options can remove surface stains from your teeth, but they often can’t achieve the same results that in-office teeth whitening will yield.

Professional teeth whitening also lacks the added symptoms of over-the-counter teeth whiteners, such as tooth sensitivity. If you want to brighten your smile, Dr. Harvey Chin will gladly take the time to work with you to find the best procedure for you. Soon you’ll be running out of excuses to show off your new smile.

Schedule a Free Consultation!

We understand that the costs of dental implants and procedures can concern many, and we can customize this to help alleviate as many of your concerns as possible. If you are inquiring about cosmetic procedures, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Chin to go over your concerns with the treatment and curate a treatment plan so that you don’t need to worry about upfront costs that may not be feasible for you at this moment.

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With over 40 years of experience, Dr. Chin is one of the best cosmetic dentists in the Las Vegas area. As the ideal choice for your dental needs, we’ll have you feeling like yourself once again!

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