Go Mini for Affordable Dental Implants

Affordable Dental Implants in Las Vegas Dr. Harvey Chin

Dental implants are some of the most popular and trusted options for replacing missing teeth, with more than 3 million Americans having at least one implant. However, their cost can be a concern for many. If you are looking for affordable dental implants, a choice to consider is mini implants. Learn what these are and how they can save you money. 

Mini Dental Implants: What They Are

Affordable Dental Implants in Las Vegas Dr. Harvey Chin Mini dental implants are smaller versions of standard dental implants, which are titanium posts that function like a tooth’s root and support a replacement tooth. Instead of the two parts that make up a standard implant, mini dental implants have only one piece, making them much quicker and easier to install. For most people, the whole procedure can take one or two quick appointments. 

This procedure can be a good choice for people who:

  • Are in good overall health
  • Have one or more missing teeth
  • Have insufficient jawbone density for standard implants
  • Want affordable dental implants

Mini dental implants can also work to support implant-retained dentures and permanent dentures. 

Why Mini Implants Are Affordable Dental Implants

The process of placing mini dental implants is much easier than that of standard implants. With standard implants, jawbone density is an issue because the size of the devices requires more healthy bone than many people with missing teeth have. 

When you lose teeth, your jawbone stops receiving the stimulation that tooth roots provide, leading to bone loss. To accommodate standard implants, a bone grafting procedure might be necessary, which adds not only to how long the process takes but also to the expense. 

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Mini dental implants are much smaller, requiring less bone density. This saves you the added cost of a bone grafting procedure. 

Their smaller size means there is less titanium needed, too, which contributes to their affordability. 

Because the procedure is shorter and less invasive, you also don’t have to have as many follow-up appointments, saving you even more money. 

The Mini Dental Implant Procedure

The first step is to come to our office for a consultation. We will assess your needs and see if an option like mini dental implants can offer the results you want. We will take scans to see the bone density in your jaw and to decide where the implants should go. 

To prepare for the procedure, you will stop taking blood-thinning medications for a few days. Avoid alcohol as well. 

Because you will receive some form of anesthesia or sedative, make sure you have someone with you to take you home after the procedure. 

We will begin by numbing your gums and jaw. There are no necessary incisions with mini dental implants. When we have them in place securely, you are free to go. We will provide instructions on what to do as you recover from the procedure. 

Get Affordable Dental Implants

Cost should not be what keeps you from getting the treatments you need to prevent jawbone loss and to help you eat and chew better. At Vegas Dental Experts, Dr. Harvey Chin offers many services to help you if you have lost one or more teeth. Call Dr. Chin today for a free consultation about affordable dental implants.

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