Why You Should Consider Stabilized Dentures

Stabilized Dentures in Las Vegas, NV | Mini Dental Implants

When patients struggle with their traditional dentures, it tends to affect more than just their mouth. Over time, the prosthetic begins to feel loose. This often makes individuals feel uncertain about whether their dentures will stay in place, even during basic activities like conversations. Wearers may feel insecure due to slipping and movement, relying on adhesives to keep the dentures in place. Often, these solutions are short-lived and cause even more frustration. Advancements in dental technology help to alleviate these concerns. Dental implants, in particular, help to anchor loose dentures, improving oral function. These stabilized dentures leverage modern dental techniques to enhance comfort and overall well-being.

At Vegas Dental Experts, our implant denture alternatives offer a more secure experience than traditional options. As a mini dental implant specialist, Dr. Harvey is dedicated to offering cutting-edge treatments that ensure lasting satisfaction for our patients.

Stabilized Dentures Give You More Support

Stabilized Dentures in Las Vegas, NV | Mini Dental Implants

Stabilized dentures rely on dental implants to stay in place. In contrast, traditional dentures merely rest on the gums and use suction or adhesives for stability. Because your gums and jawbone begin to recede when you lose teeth, dentures that once fit well can become loose.

Implant dentures connect to dental implants fixed in the jawbone. This framework enhances stability by preventing the dentures from slipping or moving. It also significantly improves comfort by eliminating the irritation caused when the dentures rub against the mouth’s soft tissues.

At Vegas Dental Experts, we provide removable and non-removable denture options, depending on your preferences and what you want from your denture replacement. Implant-retained dentures, also known as overdentures, are removable at your convenience. These use fewer implants and help individuals transition from long-term denture use to traditional dentures. Implant-supported dentures, also called fixed or permanent implant dentures, are permanently attached to the implants. These provide unparalleled stability, function, and aesthetic appeal.

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Mini Dental Implants Provide a More Cost-Effective Solution

At Vegas Dental Experts, we offer mini dental implants as an option for denture stabilization. These implants are smaller than traditional ones, typically about the diameter of a toothpick. This allows for a simpler and less invasive placement procedure. Unlike conventional implants that often require bone grafts and a lengthy healing period, mini implants can be placed more quickly. These procedures involve less discomfort and don’t often require bone grafting.

Long-time denture wearers searching for an alternative to traditional dentures have likely experienced bone loss. This typically results in dentures becoming looser and ill-fitting over time, requiring frequent relining. One of the advantages of mini implants is that they can be placed in narrow jawbones that may have been weakened from jawbone deterioration. While many denture wearers are ineligible for larger conventional implant solutions, mini dental implants make stabilized dentures possible for more people than ever.

Their smaller size and minimally invasive procedure make treatment with mini implants more accessible to a wider range of patients. These factors also make the procedure more cost-effective than conventional implant options. This affordability may be especially valuable for patients who need to have their traditional dentures frequently adjusted or remade.

Stabilized Dentures Improve Your Overall Health

Traditional dentures merely rest on the gums and fail to stimulate the jawbone. In contrast, implant dentures are anchored in the jawbone, mimicking the natural stimulation provided by tooth roots. This stimulation is essential for preserving bone density and preventing bone loss—a common issue when the jawbone deteriorates from lack of activity. Implant dentures combat the bone loss associated with missing teeth by continuously stimulating the jawbone. Maintaining jawbone strength is vital for oral health and preservation of your facial structure, helping to avoid the sunken look that can accompany significant bone loss.

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Stabilized dentures also offer improved stability, broadening your dietary options and allowing you to enjoy a wider variety of foods without the limitations experienced with traditional dentures. Additionally, the natural appearance of implant dentures marks a significant advantage. They are crafted to closely resemble and function like your natural teeth, offering a seamless and visually appealing smile.

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