Am I too old for a dental implant?

Are you considering dental implants and have questions about whether there are age limitations on undergoing dental implant treatment? Watch this video by dedicated Las Vegas dentist Dr. Harvey Chin as he explains if there are age limitations for dental implants in Las Vegas.

Question. Are you too old for a dental implant? Most of our patients range from 50s to 96. Our oldest patient, she came in when she was 94 to have her teeth done, so you’re not too old. My uncle, I treated him when he was 92.

We had another patient, she came in because I treated her mother-in-law. She came in. At 94, she had all her teeth done so she could smile. Mind you, she looked like she was 64. Then after the procedure, her teeth look great, she says, “I’m going to have my lips done.” So you’re not too old for that. You want to look better? Hey, you deserve it. We can help you.

If you or someone you love needs dental implants, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Harvey Chin to learn about the ages you can get a dental implant to help restore your function, appearance, and overall quality of life.

The Mini Dental Implant Advantage

Immediate Results

Because they are less invasive, and don’t require the lengthy healing time of traditional implants, they can typically be loaded with crowns, bridges and dentures immediately.

Less Healing Time & Fewer Visits

Because mini implants are much smaller, placing them is a less invasive procedure—requiring less healing time and discomfort, and fewer visits.

No More Decay

Mini implants are made out of titanium—the same type of material that is used on artificial joints, and they are not subject to decay or periodontal disease.

Mini Dental Implants Can Change Your Life!

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