All-on-4 Alternatives in Las Vegas, NV

All-on-4 Alternatives in Las Vegas, NV | Fix-on-Six Mini Implants

Traditional dentures can feel like a constant inconvenience, can’t they? Many of us struggle with their fit and function, creating frustration in our daily lives. But imagine if your dentures could provide unmatched comfort, stability, and a natural look. This may sound like wishful thinking, but it’s becoming a reality for more and more people. Mini dental implants act as a supportive foundation for systems like Fix-on-Six and provide excellent alternatives to traditional dentures and even other implant systems like All-on-4. At Vegas Dental Experts, we specialize in mini dental implants as a Mini Dental Implant Center of America. These implants provide a smoother path to denture stabilization than traditional implant solutions.

Why Should I Consider Implant Dentures?

Have you taken the time to consider your denture options? Have you truly thought about what conventional dentures might mean for your long-term health? While traditional dentures seem like a straightforward choice, it’s important to consider their long-term impact on your health. Conventional dentures might solve some problems, but they also have potential issues affecting your daily life and overall well-being.

Traditional dentures often slip or shift in your mouth, making eating and speaking difficult and uncomfortable. Additionally, the plastic palate of upper dentures covers the roof of your mouth, blocking taste buds and limiting your ability to enjoy foods. Implant systems like Fix-on-Six® eliminate many of these issues. Instead of a bulky, gum-colored base, a zirconia roundhouse bridge can be attached directly to the dental implants inserted into your jawbone. This design allows you to enjoy your favorite foods and provides a stable and secure fit.

All-on-4 Alternatives With Mini Dental Implants

All-on-4 Alternatives in Las Vegas, NV | Fix-on-Six Mini Implants

When considering your restoration options, it’s crucial to know that not all implant dentures are the same. While the All-on-4® and Fix-on-Six® systems provide great solutions, they have some important differences.

All-on-4 uses traditional dental implants, which are roughly 5 millimeters wide. These larger implants require a substantial bone structure and a longer healing period.

On the other hand, the Fix-on-Six is supported by mini dental implants. These implants are less than 3 millimeters in diameter. Their smaller size makes the placement less invasive, simplifying the procedure and speeding up the treatment. Mini dental implants are notable for enabling “immediate loading,” meaning Dr. Chin can attach new teeth the same day he places the implants, providing immediate functionality. This speedy result is perfect for those seeking a hassle-free denture option that won’t interfere much with their daily routine.

Another key consideration is how each system balances the weight of your denture. The All-on-4 system uses 4 traditional implants to support a full-arch bridge. Using only 4 implants means each one bears a heavy load. If one implant fails, the other 3 must take on more stress, which can jeopardize the function and durability of your new teeth. The Fix-on-Six system uses 6 to ten mini implants. Although we use more implants, their placement is less invasive. The system evenly distributes bite forces across the jaw, creating a more secure, stable, and durable dental solution. The even distribution significantly enhances both longevity and comfort.

The Benefits of Choosing Alternatives to All-on-4

Another key benefit of using mini implants to support your roundhouse bridge is the reduced risk of peri-implantitis. This inflammatory process occurs around the implant and can lead to bone loss. Traditional implants require a more invasive procedure, disrupting a larger amount of gum and bone tissue and making them more susceptible to infection and inflammation. In contrast, mini implants are more slender, which minimizes disruption.

Mini dental implants also help to preserve the jawbone’s blood supply. Traditional implants can sometimes damage blood vessels during placement, potentially leading to localized bone necrosis due to insufficient blood supply. The minimally invasive process for mini implants helps to maintain the jawbone’s natural structure and the integrity of its blood vessels. A healthy blood supply is essential for keeping your jawbone strong.

Stabilize Your Denture at Vegas Dental Experts

At Vegas Dental Experts, we specialize in mini dental implants, providing a smoother path to denture stabilization. Our Fix-on-Six® system uses these innovative implants to provide a secure, durable, and comfortable solution. Don’t let traditional dentures affect your quality of life. Explore the benefits of mini dental implants and see how they can transform your daily experience. Schedule your free consultation today!

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